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We are the official distributor of campers of the Italian brand Roller Team and Caravan International. In our offer you will find both new and used campers. In addition, we are the official representative of the Polish camper brand Hype.
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Then, when you do not use the camper yourself, you can rent it. We provide comprehensive management of campervans in terms of rental and service, as well as preparing the camper for the summer / winter season.

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Camper sales Warsaw / Bialystok

Sale of new and used campers

We sell new and used campers. In our offer you can find modern and comfortable touring cars, which are ideal for vacations in Poland or abroad. A significant part of our assortment is made up of new campers, while it is complemented by used RVs. We offer campers from different companies, of different sizes and with different equipment. All the motorhomes we have at our disposal – regardless of whether they are new campers or used campers – are designed for long-distance travel. We offer our customers only proven RV models that fit their budget. In the industry, which is the sale of new and used campers, we are considered one of the best companies present on the market. Campers are nowadays synonymous with a successful vacation for many people. Our customers appreciate RVs because of the sense of independence that this type of tourist vehicle gives them, and the ability to plan any itinerary they want without having to find accommodation. According to our observations, Poles are more and more interested in caravanning every year, so sales of new and used campers are growing.

Camper sales Warsaw / Bialystok

The main category of our business is the sale of campers Warsaw / Bialystok. In our offer you will find only touring cars of reputable manufacturers, which in recent years have gained recognition of many users. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have prepared a special offer for the sale of campers Warsaw / Bialystok. If you are looking for a way to caravanning, you will find with us a wide selection of camper models that will certainly meet your expectations. Our proposals will be appreciated especially by those who care about unlimited possibilities for comfortable travel and exploring new places. Due to the fact that we have many years of experience, we can advise you on the process of purchase and configuration of both new and used campers. We tailor each offer to the individual expectations and financial capabilities of the client. The cities in which we sell RVs Warsaw / Bialystok are our two main markets. If you intend to buy an RV or are still thinking about it, you have come to the right place. Our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with additional information about each RV and help you choose the model that will be most suitable for you. We guarantee that you will not find another offer like ours anywhere on the market.

Roller Team camper sales, Caravan International, Hype

We specialize in the sale of campers and motorhomes – this is not only our profession, but above all our passion. We help customers fulfill their dreams of unhindered expeditions – as they are great for road trips or vacations on their own terms. Because we are considered by many to be experts in the industry, in our daily work we focus on cooperation with leading manufacturers. The priority of our company is the sale of Roller Team, Caravan International, Hype campers. We encourage you to get acquainted with the vehicles of these brands because of their reliability. Their users do not have to worry about arranging accommodation in a predetermined place – they literally have all living amenities at their fingertips. We assume that for most people an RV is an investment for years. Therefore, we are confident that the vehicles we offer will meet your expectations – after all, we decided to sell Roller Team, Caravan International, Hype campers for a reason. Our customers can count on our professional advice at every stage of buying the camper they are interested in. We sell vehicles all year round. At your request, we configure the equipment of the camper so that it meets all your expectations.